Would consumption of Super Gummy in higher quantities than normal result in any side effects?

The likelihood of side effects from over consumption Super Gummy is extremely low or none, since most vitamins are water soluble and flushed out from the human body.

Is it advisable to take vitamins or medication along with Super Gummy?

The product is very much suitable for consumption along with any medication and no adverse events have been reported.

Is there any risk of tooth decay?

Since Super Gummy is made only of natural ingredients, flavour and colours, it does not contain high levels of sugar. Glucose and sugar levels are well below daily-recommended levels, and used only to mask the sour taste of nutrients.

How is Super Gummy made and what technology does It come under?

Super Gummy is made using state-of-the-art German technology for the first time in India; complying with the highest standards of WHO-GMP

What gives the colour to the product, if not food coloring?

The colours come from Beta Carboneta and various other natural fruit and vegetable colours.

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