1.What are Gummies ?

•Gummies are small fruit flavoured soft candies, similar to a jelly babyin some English-speaking countries.
•Gummies have become very popular as gummy bears, which are gummies shaped like a bear. The surge in popularity of gummy bears is mainly attributed to children, who love the shape
•The success of gummi bears has spawned the production of many other gummy candies, across various categories and formats, including nutraceuticals.
2.How Gummies as a formulation different from other types of formulation ?
Gummies, as a nutraceutical format, has the following advantages over other formats like tablets, capsules, syrups etc:

•Candy format lending itself into a non-medicinal, tasty and fun form, compared to the more medicinal formats
•Tasting masking of nutraceutical elements is best achieved in this format
•Children think of gummies as candies and take to it very easily
•Since the gummies are chewed in the mouth and mixed thoroughly with saliva, bioavailability and absorption of nutritional elements like vitamins and minerals is highest in this format
3.What are top 3 advantages of having Gummies as a drug formulation ?

•Higher bioavailability
•Better acceptability by the consumers
•Taste and Form much better and acceptable compared to other formats
4.Why take Vitamins in gummy form ?

•Who has not enjoyed sweets as a child? Obviously, taking supplements in gummy form changes the perception and sensations that we feel 180 degrees. Eating gummies is nothing like swallowing capsules or pills. Starting now, you can enjoy a sweet tasty pleasure full of nutrients.
•Additionally, it is estimated that a high number of people have some degree of difficulty swallowing pills or tablets, especially older people. Likewise, when taking several doses and products every day, be it supplements or medication, gummies are much more tolerable
5.Are gummies as effective as conventional pills or tablets ?

•The simple answer is Yes, gummies can be more impactful than conventional formats
•Gummies, unlike tablets or conventional pills, are chewed in the mouth and mixed thoroughly with saliva. This process is known to improve digestion and bioavailability, hence causing more nutrients to be absorbed into the system.
6.Are Spectrum’s gummies made with gelatin or pectin ?

•Our gummies are made from fruit pectin, which is derived from citrus skin, and are 100% vegetarian.
•Spectrum is a 100% vegetarian complaint facility
7.Are Spectrum gummies gluten free and lactose free ?

•Our gummies are 100% gluten and lactose free
8.Do Spectrum gummies contain artificial flavours or colours ?

•Spectrum gummies contain only natural flavours and colours
9.What flavours does Spectrum use currently in its gummy products ?

•Spectrum uses various citrus and tropical fruit flavours currently, all natural.
•Some of the flavours are strawberry, mixed berry, mixed fruit, orange, mango, lychee, grape etc
10.Does Spectrum make sugar free of No Sugar gummies ?

•Spectrum has innovated in making gummies with NO ADDED SUGAR.
•Spectrum uses a proprietary technology replacing sugar with fibre and still making the products taste equally good or better
11.Can you take as many gummies as you want ?

•Although overdosing not result in major adverse reactions, it is generally not recommended to take more the recommended daily dosage levels.
12.Is it necessary to drink water with gummies ?

•Perhaps you are used to taking capsules and pills with water and thus, this doubt arises when taking gummies. It is not necessary, you can take them any time, any place.
13.Do the gummies contain allergens ?

•Spectrum facility is allergen free and our gummies contain no allergens.
14.What gives the colour to the product, if not food colouring?

•We use natural colouring agents for our products
15.Do Gummies have an impact of climatic conditions ? Like air, temperature, sunlight.

•Air:Gummies have 10-12% moisture and will tend to sweat when exposed to air, especially humid air. Hence protection is critical. Our gummies are individually wrapped to protect from external atmosphere.
•Temperature: Ideal storage temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. Consistent exposure to higher temperatures can cause the gummies to melt. Our gummies, though, are dried and stability tested under accelerated conditions of 40 degrees Celsius and 70 RH for over 8 months, lending a stability shelf life of 24 months in normal conditions if required.
•Sunlight: Exposure to sunlight may lead to lightening of colours and drying of products.Adequate protection against sunlight is recommended
•Humidity: When the humidity is high, gummy items regain moisture and become sticky and prone to mould ... Humid conditions also effects storage life of gummies
16.Is it backed by any major regulatory agencies ? USFDA / EU / TGA / MCC / ANVISA etc.

•Nutraceutical Gummies fall under the food regulatory categories in all countries except for Australia, where TGA compliance is required. USFDA provides food safety guidelines for nutraceuticals, but does not mandate any other special approvals like they do for drugs.
17.Why Gummies come under food category instead of Medicine category from regulatory point of view.

•Unfortified gummies are plain foods, just like candies.
•Fortified gummies, in most countries, are categorized in the food supplements category, especially when the fortification is within the RDA (recommended daily allowances) limits as prescribed by the countries food regulatory authority, like FSSAI in India.
18.What is the future of Gummies as a drug formulation ?

•Drugs in the gummies format can be of huge potential, especially for children who refuse to take tablets, capsules or syrups due to the medicine nature of these formats. This is definteley an area of future interest for the industry.
19.Would consumption of gummies in higher quantities than normal result in any side effects?

•From a nutraceutical standpoint, the likelihood of side effects from over consumption gummies is low, since most vitamins are water soluble and flushed out from the human body.
•From a plain candy standpoint, over consumption of gummies much like any other candy or chocolate format, can lead to elevated sugar levels
•It is, however, recommended to clearly state the daily dosage levels clearly on the package.
20.Is it advisable to take vitamins or medication along with gummies?

•Nutraceutical gummies are very much suitable for consumption along with any medication and no adverse events have been reported or documented
21.Is there any risk of tooth decay?

•Our gummies are 100% vegetarian and uses Pectin, which is made from citrus skin. Vegetarian gummies are healthier on the tooth and on human body in general.
•Since our gummies are made only of natural ingredients, flavour and colours, it does not contain high levels of sugar. Glucose. Sugar levels are well below daily-recommended levels, and used only to mask the sour taste of nutrients.
•One to three gummies per day, as in most dosages, does not cause tooth decay as the quantities are negligible
22.How are our gummies made and what technology does It come under ?

•Our gummies are made using state-of-the-art German technology, used for the first time in India, complying with the highest standards of WHO-GMP and ISO.
•The technology is developed in house and confirms to the highest international standards.